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9, Access to IT Data TSPs are assigned a level of access to Bomgar's tools The support tech will see the contents of your screen, just as though there were looking over your shoulder.

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If you have a request surrounding other products, a case may be created and assigned to an appropriate resource.


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If you are a support technician, this documentation can also help you understand what the end user is seeing.. To close connection immediately at any point during the session, click on the red X in the chat window.. Click on this to see recent downloads, and double click on the 'B' in the orange square.. Co-Browse – Browse When using Bomgar, bear in mind the university policies that govern responsible behavior of technology resources. ccleaner for mac yosemite

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Please close all unnecessary applications, windows and files This will allow you to see icons we want you to see more easily.

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Important Messages BeyondTrust chat support is currently available for Remote Support and Privileged Remote Access powered by Bomgar.. If you are looking for more technical information, please see the KB pages Using BeyondTrust As a Support Technician.. This documentation is to help you understand what you might expect when a support technician helps you using the BeyondTrust screen sharing software.. These include: 5 1, Responsible User of IT Resources 5 4 1, Security of IT Resources 5.. When we work together, you will initially visit the web page:http://remotehelp mit. 518b7cbc7d